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September 10, 2013

Decorating Dilemma: Light, Privacy and the Pursuit of Happiness

 Posted By: asmith  In: Decorating Dilemmas

Choosing between natural light, privacy and a window treatment that works well in a room can prove to be a major decorating dilemma. While natural light illuminates living spaces beautifully, not everybody has the option to keep their windows bare. Some may suffer from less than flattering views of the surrounding area while others might desire more privacy in general. So how do you cover up without jeopardizing the ultimate source of light, while maintaining a personalized living space at the same time?

Here are four solutions to those who may be facing this decorating dilemma.

Affordable Window Treatment Ideas


Option 1. Sheer curtains are a simple and elegant way to provide a room with a lot of light, if you don’t require very much privacy. While you would still be able to see through them to some extent, they allow the most light to filter into the living space. They can easily be pulled to the side to expose a surrounding view and the most amount of light. Plus, they compliment most decor.

Option 2. Layering curtains, a fairly new trend, appears to be a step up from sheer curtains. Combining two sets of curtains, one sheer and one slightly more opaque, allows additional privacy. What is nice about this option is that you have the choice to open them completely for maximum exposure, or you can keep them closed entirely for the most privacy. Plus, this soft, textured look can highlight any living space beautifully, as you can choose nearly any pattern, texture and style for the overlapping curtain in order to better match a room.

Option 3. Bottom to top blinds, are a more opaque option, but still allow the sun to peek through a portion of the window. What is nice about this window installation is that they are also adjustable, like the first two options. This allows you to still have a view of the surrounding area. To let the most light in, consider choosing a neutral color or a woven blind.

Option 4. Adhesive rice paper is the perfect choice for someone who does not care to preserve their view. This window installment still manages to let a lot of light in, while appearing soft and less noticeable in a room. This is also a great choice for someone with beautiful window frames, who may not want to cover them up with blinds or curtains. The nice thing about adhesive rice paper is that you can choose the level of transparency, so that the colors from outside would still be able to shine through if you so desired.


*Photos courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens, Timber Blind & Shutter, Menards


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1 Comment »

  1. Hi,

    I personally likes to go with option number 3, that looks more elegant & richer.

    Comment by Sara — September 11, 2013 @ 12:10 am

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